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Did you know new and replacement hospital equipment is not paid for by the government? When North York General’s equipment reaches the end of its lifespan, we depend on our community to help.

The items listed below have been identified by our hospital as most urgently in need of replacement.

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, your support will go directly to the hospital’s equipment fund, helping us get one step closer to bringing this life-saving equipment to our hospital.

If you would like to make a Gift of Care by telephone or mail, please contact the Foundation at 416-756-6944 or for more information.

Insufflator for Cancer Surgery 

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Used in the detection and treatment of rectal cancers, the insufflator is essential to our surgical team’s ability to treat patients. Because of its specialized design, the insufflator allows our surgeons to more clearly visualize cancers — leading to faster procedures, better patient outcomes, and more patients treated.

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